Why you should Outsource Local SEO requirements to fernanodBiz?

Outsource Local SEO

Search engine optimization is the cheapest solution and the fundamental advertising method for your local  business‘s online success. Especially if you are running an Local Business in a competitive city like London, you must implement a solid Local SEO plan for your business website.

Looking at my personal experience and how I found a handful of profitable clients in a very short time, since I moved to Harrow, London, I can tell you that search engine optimization was my only advertising and it’s cheaper than most of the other advertising methods. After ranking for “SEO Outsourcing” on the SERP, I started to get calls from various local business owners in London every week.

Even yesterday this one keyword (SEO Outsourcing) helped me get two new clients for my web services and Local SEO services business in North London.

So Should your Invest in Local SEO?

Yes you should get the best SEO services provider in the town to help you witSEO Services h your online marketing. This one investment would help you build a profitable business in less than 3 months. However always find the best SEO you can, even if you have to pay little bit extra for him.

One of the very first keywords I used to rank on Google as Internet Market in London, is Internet Marketing Harrowthat helped me get a top travel Agency in Harrow London, as a client.

So you see the benefit of getting your business website on the first page of Google. Not only getting it ranked, there are some techniques to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) to your website.

I can go about explaining all these, but I have everything published on my Internet Marketing and Online Business Blog. You hope over to http://www.fernandobiz.com and check my articles for more detailed explanations about Why you should Outsource Your Local SEO for a Professional? Also I give tone of free tips which you can apply for your business today.

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WordPress Training Courses in London

SEO techniques and WordPress Training Courses in London

If you are interested in blogging or online marketing, you know the importance of using a great platforms for your content marketing activities. In this case WordPress content management software does a great job by proving us all the best framework. Today on this quick post I want to share my latest WordPress Training Courses in London with SEO training.

I’ve been using WordPress for more than a half decade to create blogs and niche websites for my self and my clients. From the early days I realized WordPress is the best content management software and it’s very efficient and effective for search engine optimization. Because it’s no use of the blog or a website if it does not rank on search engines results page and attracting the right organic traffic to the blog.


WordPress (Photo credit: Adriano Gasparri)

Since I saw the demand for WordPress training courses, I thought it’s time for me to share my expert knowledge and help people create awesome websites/blogs with this CMS. For some people, the knowledge of using the software stops them from getting online and start blogging. Also there are so many companies like Empower Network, which sell their viral blogging system for those people who does not know how to set up a personal blog and the correct SEO techniques to get their content visible on SERP.

I’ve been doing WordPress Training Courses in London in most of the weekends and you can see some of the recent testimonials below from two great girls.

So if you are looking to learn the best WordPress skills with top the latest SEO techniques which I personally use to ranks for some of the most competitive Keywords like “SEO Outsourcing“, “SEO Outsourcing London“, “Local Search marketing London“, “internet marketing harrow” and many more, why waiting, visit www.fernandobiz.com and contact me today.

You can see more details of the WordPress Training courses here:

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WordPress Training Courses in London

FERNANDO BIZ Got pitched to Rank to the Keyword Application Tester

It’s a coincidence as last night I got pitched by the owner of the “ApplicationTester.com” to buy her domain. The story behind the email is this:  When she was doing a search for the term “application tester“, and my online business blog has show up on the search results.

Application TesterApplication Tester

Actually I never knew about this before and this opens me to new ideas and motivates me to rank on top of Google for this competitive keyword which has over 18,000 global visitors a month.

The ideas behind the suggestion was, she has thought I might be interested in knowing that She is selling her domain name ApplicationTester.com.

Further explaining she says “ApplicationTester.com is well suited for my business, and can help attract additional customers and give me an advantage over me competitors.” And I would agree on that if I was trying to rank for that keyword, but I never had plans. However I will try to rank from my own article by doing some link building to the article which explains How to Become an Application Tester and Make Money Online?

I have question about her figures where she tells “Currently, Google shows a monthly search volume of 880 for application tester.” The thing is I see 18,100 globally???

Anyway I agree with her on her ideas about that anyone can easily optimize ApplicationTester.com domain for search engine pick-up (by Google etc.) because of its relevant keywords, or just use it to direct visitors to your existing website. As these types of .coms are becoming scarcer and more expensive to purchase, they are only growing in value.

So if you are seeing this article, and think you want to rank for the Key Word “Application Tester” I highly advice you to go ahead and contact Elizabeth at Applicationtester.com as she is offering “ApplicationTester.com” at a very good price and looking for a potential buyer.

Marketing business sales

Small Businesses Online Marketing Tips for 2013 and Beyond

Everyone is interested in Online Marketing these days and they want to make money online. I got into online marketing few years back and now on my way to toward earning a considerable passive income form some of my Niche websites. However most of my earnings are from Web consultancy work which I do in the United Kingdom for small and medium size businesses.

In this posts I want to share five great tips by Tim McLain at Netsertive where they shows new online marketing tactics and technology that are proving to be profitable for local businesses.

So These are his five tips fir Small Business Online Marketing for 2013 and I;m sure they will be highly beneficial for the years to come.

1. Embrace social media. Set up Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ business profiles. This month. Then link to them from your website, your ads, your email. Use short URLs to help customers connect.

2. Communicate, socialize, and converse with your customers through your social media channels. Resist the urge to sell to them. Don’t outsource your content generation. Be authentic!

3. Set aside 30 minutes each week to take on the role of “thought leader” online. Your time investment will pay off in increased website traffic, increased visibility for your business and your its brands, and ultimately lead to more sales.

4. Follow through, be consistent with your online efforts, and watch the sales opportunities flow throughout the year.

5. Move more marketing budget into online tactics. That means you need a solid website, which gets its traffic from a custom online search (Google AdWords) and display (Digital Co-Op) advertising campaign. Your customers are online. You must be found when they search for you.

For anyone who wants to just listen the video, here you can easily watch the video where he walk you through the exact process of what you need to do build a successful online marketing strategy for your small business.

Also Tim gives another BONUS TACTICS for you, and I would says it’s the most important to give Google a good sign that your website is a place where the crawler should come visit frequently. So what is it? It’s the freshness of your site’s content and the Frequency  how many times you update your content. He advice to do it more often this year and go for 1-4 blog posts per month.

**from my own experience being in the blogging and online marketing community for a well over two years now, I would say try to do at least 1-3 posts every week. trust me you are going to get floods of traffic by this to your website or blog.

Content Marketing is becoming the most effective way to attract organic traffic to your website or blog from the search engines, If you look at my personal Online Business Blog,  you can see I normally publish 5 or more times a week and that has made me receive hundreds or unique visitors from the search engines.

Also if you want to learn more great tips and know how to make money online, read our new blog at Online Marketing HQ.


Founder and Editor at Online Marketing HQ,The founder and editor of FERNANDO BIZ. I write about Online Business, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and latest Blogging tips. The Blog shows how to DIY…



Every year with the beautiful dawn of spring in the West Midlands comes a surge of outdoor life. I found my “Roller Skates” a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature’s outdoor gifts and venture out to relax and refresh. Now they have instilled in me more correlations to build up strategy for life’s values and balance to move forward.

My first pair of skates cost me only £39, but the returns have been amazing. I have wondered how a simple design of innovative thinking could bring about passionate fun and enjoyment to younger enthusiasts at such a minimal cost. To me it came by accident, that at not so a younger age after completing my Masters at UW here I am trying something I have missed in my youth. When I arrived to Worcester in 2010 for my Graduate studies, I was overwhelmed by the natural environment around this historical city.

This day I was crazily looking at a pair of skates in a shop in Worcester and amazed at its craftsmanship, tried to spin the rollers one by one. After a few spins, the sound of rollers and spot buying instinct had overpowered me. I had no clue of how to use it or the number of stitches and medi-plasters I would need after my somersaults, except that I had seen many a youngster whizzing past me in the streets of Bali or crashing into a sideway bush during my regular jogging in Malvern suburbs.

However, with my new pair of roller skates in my carry bag, here I am on a new adventure quite past my age of youth, nevertheless determined to try the fun that comes wearing them. A few moves inside my room and learning to balance wearing my roller skates, it was fun initially and then as I tried to innovate and gyrate with my past gymnastic and floor dancing skills.

I watched many a video on YouTube lessons to prepare myself, still I was careful not to venture out into disaster and be laughed at. So I had to get a colleague of mine to join me on the roads of Malvern. After a few flips and bruises, step by step I started moving and practiced with the arm actions and hip sway, it became real fun to speed up and feel the adrenalin of an Olympian. It has now become a part of my routine outdoor and exercise programmes and would invite younger generations to try and enjoy the fun of Roller Skating.

The Greatest Strategy for Life

I have gone even further in trying to understand the analogy and correlations my roller skates brought to my own life. I found it is never too late to learn a new skill and I realized the need for balance in my life and values just as the fine balance required in roller skating, the need to move forward with a keen perspective of potholes in front and never to look back on the way until you have stopped.

To get that ancillary thrust of hands to move forward, to propel oneself forward with the support and encouragement of parents, friends, loved ones, teachers & professors and all and keeping that side sway & rhythm in life and  work with a team spirit just like the unison in spin of rollers. It also has taught me to care for my real valuable tools in life, to lubricate and clean them, once in a while just like my roller skates need.

With the fun that comes with our life, never to forget to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the nature and the need to respect the environment and thanksgiving for the greatness of the creation around us. I also recognize to remember the smiles, greetings and cheers of the passersby in this great adventure of roller skates that has fascinated me.

Check the link Roller Disco to see how much fun you can have if you learn this awesome skill. Trust me with proper enthusiasm it going to be very interesting skill you will master during your life time.http://www.rollerdisco.com/

Enjoy Roller Skating and Building a Strategy to Life……!

Why I love the Entrepreneurs Lifestyle

I do work as a freelancer on various projects, or you can think I’m on my Entrepreneurs Journey towards finding the passions and doing what I love doing the most. Well on my way towards becoming the Entrepreneur I want to be I started to establish a freelance side business to experiment the income streams and create some passive income streams and learn the science of building an online empire. This means I like working long hours on interesting projects for myself as self-experimentation and for the benefit of my clients.

As I started to read more and more about Entrepreneurship I became so passionate about the mechanisms and got addicted more and more in the field of Online Entrepreneurship. I’m starting to work for myself, but also for my friends, my family and for my clients as a person who shares and provides knowledge and resources they want to build their bases and grow passionately.

As I pilot the process with friends, family and clients I always question myself, what skills do I need to master? How can I get a better and become an expert in what I do? How can I provide solution and handle my operations at its best capacity? How can I nurture my lifestyle to best I can on all areas? How can I make more money and raise my rates and still be attractive?

At the moment I wouldn’t tell you exactly how I go along the process but I will share my story and tell you how to do your craft, and build up your skills and be like you graduated from the Style Life Academy in a world of Abundance!

I will share my learning’s and tell you how to get in your grind and build your legacy and create your own Personal Brand while running your business from home. That’s the journey of hacking the lifestyles and developing the best Life you always wanted is all about.

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Entreprenurial Minds

Hi guys! Hope all of you had a great long weekend in United Kingdom! Lucky you if live in UK 🙂

Today I wanted to search the best strategy to Live with passion and make our dreams come true. When I was browsing the web looking for the best of the best people I know online, I came across this wonderful video Interview done by Marie Forleo

She was talking  about,  ‘How to Live Your Purpose’ with Mastin. This guy really talks some interesting life lessons, so if you want to be the passionate person who never give up or gets distracted from his own dreams even if Oprah Winfrey calls him on board! However he had the opportunity to experience it and now traveling and spreading the Love with Oprah and her team.

The best piece of advise I got on this message really shaken me and gave the answer to what I was thinking about for some time, that’s when my parents asks about how my career doing!  He says ‘ A part of a successful Entrepreneur is Breaking up with your parents’ I think this is very crucial, if they does not understand what you are doing on your Entrepreneurs Journey!’

So that’s the best few words I heard today and if your also trying to find the life’s purpose check out  the amazing video.

Breathe the Awesomeness!

Hi all, I just got back from a two day tour from Manchester and Liverpool. Trust me, the two cities were ridiculously awesome. But I would rate Liverpool the best if you’re up for a hard core partying and all night going out. The live music venues start early on Friday and Saturday.  Next day I came to Manchester, and the night outs were crazy good.

The people might be bit rough at some points but you can make it out and change things to the way you want if you’re cool enough to be the person who does not give a damm about what shit comes along your way! My advice is your just out to have a good time and want to get as much as from the night out, so focus on what you want from the night.

I will share more thoughts on the cities and how I plan on those low cost traveling and how I get the most out of the cities while sleeping outside or basically not sleeping at all for the weekend! I wouldn’t advise to you if you’re not used to a hard lifestyle. But if you don’t do it now when are you going to experience the Beast mode… There isn’t any better time to feel the exiting life and the wild nights of awesomeness!

Today what I thought of sharing is how I use those breathing techniques which I practised for years to get on my mood back to get things done after an extremely burnt out weekend.  If you really do it in a scientific way,  it would literally change your mental muscles to feel the fully relaxed awesome mood! This is very important if you have to get back to a early start on the Monday at your work place.

After all, you got to give it a 100% of yourself for whatever you do, whether you’re working for employer or if you’re self-employed and living a location free Life Style as the new riches.

Normally when I get stressed out I prefer to get myself to the mental zone where I can easily feel the comfort by inhaling the clear air through my nose  and fill up my lungs with freash air for 5 – 10 minutes ata a time. Sometimes I take a walk and breath from my nose and exhale from my mouth, visualizing that I’m passing out all the toxics from my gut. This gives a tremendous mind relaxness and within a few minutes you can feel your body would start to get less stiff and much calmer.

Tony Robins has a great way of doing this, he has taught me to practise a four breath inhaling technique and breathing it out in four consecutive breaths feeling the relaxed body. It goes something like this, ‘first breath, second breath, third breath, fourth breath, while doing this you can tap on your thumb by each figure on your right hand! And when your exhaling you should do the same. In the beginning this may be bit confusing but your will learn it in a couple of days. The best thing I liked on this is that it stimulates my brain and stress outs the toxics from my body easily.

The next technique I do is, much advanced (I will do a Video on that soon) but it instantly takes of my stress and ignites my soul for the great day!

Conscious Breathing is a very important to your mind and body synergy. In Yoga Breathing is the most important art of any pose or exercise your practise. And conscious breathing can help you be aware of the resent moment and enjoy a fully functioning body.

I’m on my personal journey in mastering the Body art and inner strength for a fulfilling lifestyle. In almost every activity I take conscious effort to breathe with a mindful sensation to life. Last two nights I was dancing for more than 4 hours at several night clubs in Liverpool and Manchester. You all should be hitting those two cities if you’re in UK.

I will publish my travel planning document soon with the cost and how you can travel in such low budget and get the most out for your life with maximum pleasure.

If you’re a person who has lost the life purpose and feeling depressed then practise some conscious breathing two three times a day. This would do wonders and you will start to feel the energized life again very soon.

If you are making love with someone, share your over with breathing brushing each other’s faces with conscious breathing. This is a very sexy and you tow are going to love it.

This will allow you to be present with the other person, rather than having a heavy mind with other thought which does not have are relevance for the moment. I told you 100% mind body commitment for whatever your do! And yes this is a very good moment of life so you need to do it.

I will also share how you can keep up with the phase while speed skating by practising the perfect breathing techniques. I use inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the mouth, this really helps in long distance speed skating. And It gives a tremendous core strength from the gut and owed body muscles.

So that’s it for today, Do it today and you will start to feel the relaxed life. Live the moment and the best Lifestyle you were born to live

Till next time live with passion and peace!

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Knowledge is not Power? Applied Knowledge is Power

Are you person who is interested in starting your own Business? Or do you have the idea that you thought that could be a great Start up? If the answer is yes, or you think you need to explore your knowledge and take action, then read this!

Research is always the key before any business launch, it unlocks ideas and make the entrepreneur take tremendous action to make the businesses successful. In this volatile market conditions, it’s  always worth finding out as much as you can about your future market and competitors, before you do the product or service lauch, spending a huge amount of capital.

I thought I will share some areas that you’ll need to think about when researching your business idea and how we can help you.

When researching for your great business ideas, ask yourself:

  • Is the market your planing of catering is growing at a rapid phase? Or is it matured or even in its saturation period? Would be great to do a product life cycle analysis to identify the market condition and the position!
  • Is it a highly competitive market? What are the market entry strategies you can use? is ita market where you can enter with Market penetration strategy? or can you use Market Skimming strategies?
  • How much cost will you have to incur when entering the market? what is the competition? You may do a Porter’s Five forces analysis for this! So you could understand what competitive forces you will face when starting the new business?
  • It is very important know if anyone else is already doing the exact business you are going to start?
  • What are your unique selling propositions? How would your business differentiate from your competitors’?
  • How much does your competitors charge if they are selling the same type or substitute products? Are they offering premium products or services?
  • How can your stand out from the competition?
  • What Marketing strategies are you going to use? Are you going to launch your website and use the cost efficient mass market product promotional strategies?
  • If there is a market leader what do they do best? How can you succeed in the market? Can you only cater to a highly profitable market niche?

Do you consider seeking out help for professional business idea generation?

  • If the answer is yes or even you want to discuss about how to do market research using online tools at a less cost or even develop your e-Commerce website? start your blog and start building up your audiences! we can help you!
  • Also there are many successful business owners you can reach out and connect with to get first hand ideas! the best advice can be gained by connecting with those entrepreneurs. They have practical knowledge and they may share on how to start a business. It’s always a plus to ask local business people about their experiences and taking the time to read a few books by successful entrepreneurs.
  • You can also get plenty of information on how to start a business from trade and industry publications, your local Enterprise Agency and Business Link.